Episode 13 – Tony TC Coleman: “I’m a Natural”

tc pic

He’s been the drummer for the best of the blues, from Albert Collins to Albert King to the “King of the Blues” himself, B.B. King.  Tony TC Coleman, this episode’s guest, talks about how he came to appreciate the blues and how aspiring drummers need to approach playing it. A self-confessed “natural,” Tony has mastered the “less is more” style, placing groove above all and making it pay off in a wonderful career that continues to keep him one of the busiest blues drummers around.  A living legend we can all learn from in an amazing “no holds barred” interview!

For all things TC, visit Tony TC Coleman’s website

And be sure to check out Drumeo’s TC Lesson, “The Real Way to Play the Blues” on YouTube!

For an example of Tony’s command of the blues (not to mention his beautiful Mapex kit), be sure to check out his moving tribute to B.B. King in this 2017 version of “Caledonia” on YouTube. Notice around 2:40 into he video where TC, during his talk, perfectly keeps that beat going!