We’re Live!

It’s been a minute since that September day when I suddenly got the idea to start a podcast.  I’d returned to drums about two years earlier, after my grade-school friend Michelle offered a really inexpensive kit on Facebook.  The set I’d had since I was 18 was a blue sparkle Made-in-Japan kit that unfortunately was destroyed in a flood.  Instruments had come and go in my life, but that kit was the one constant – well, until the high waters came. I did manage to hold onto my 20″ ride of unknown origin but that’s all that was left.

In retrospect, I was never much of a drummer but my friend and I had a garage band that was I think kinda’ kicking.  I had a raw, untrained style of playing that came out of my raw, untrained “drum-up-bringing.”  And now, as I say in my intro, “on the backside of my midlife crisis,” I’ve come back to drums.

And it is true – I figured a lot of other people were either new or returning to drums.  If I could get some world class players, along with the many unsung drum heroes, to speak to the essentials of drumming and their approach to the instrument, I’d have made a contribution to our community.  Like many of you, I’m practicing, taking lessons, and eating and sleeping all things drum.  And asking questions to anyone who will answer them.

I had some high aspirations, but had no idea I’d get such amazing people so early on.  My first interview is with Paul Wertico, the seven-time Grammy Award winning drummer famous for his work with the Pat Metheny Group.  I also was able to have an incredible hour with legendary New Orleans drummer Johnny Vidacovich, a national treasure and master of the second line street beat.  Early episodes also include interviews with master drum teacher Ed Soph, drummer and vintage drum shop owner Bob Everett, and working and teaching pros Mark Lanter and Sean Dobbins.

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