Episode 12 – Tony Bartone: “Just Stay in that Groove”


I first came to know Tony Bartone through yet another search for a drum set – this time a Yamaha Stage Custom Bop kit I was interested in. Prominent among the Youtube searches were videos of Tony playing in a variety of styles on the very kit I was interested in. Not only was I sold on the quality of the set, but on Tony’s incredible ability as a drummer, and, as I later found out, as a drum educator.

Much like everyone we’ve talked with this first season of Contraption, Tony’s been playing drums most of his life. His early training in rudiments definitely paid off as he grew to become a working professional with some pretty high profile gigs, including a year on the set of Everyday with Joan Lunden.

Today, Tony teaches a wide variety of students in his home state of New Jersey; he’s also an accomplished piano player and vocalist who gigs weekly. We met up on the phone early one Saturday morning before his student’s began arriving for lessons to talk about his path to drums, his professional experience, and his advice to new and returning drummers.

To see Tony in action, check out this YouTube playlist of Tony Bartone.

For an example of Tony’s teaching, check out this YouTube playlist of Tony’s lessons on rudiments.