Episode 7 – Ra Kalam Bob Moses: “Living the Music”

Ra Kalam in prayer mode

When I first got back into drumming a year or so ago – I mean, really taking it seriously – two of the teachers I had been studying with got me started on something known as the 8/8 concept or resolution points.  Many of you already know that’s from Rakalam Bob Moses’s seminal book, Drum Wisdom.

Since learning the 8/8 concept, which Rakalam Bob Moses makes great use of in his two recent videos for his MyMusic Masterclass sessions, available now for download and live streaming, I have never had a practice session go by that I have not thought about and/or practiced singing or playing resolution points.

And I’m just one of thousands of drummers who follow this important teaching to improve their work.

I’ve been a fan of Bob Moses since his Bittersuite in the Ozone album, although I came to it a little bit later than its 1973 debut. He’s also the drummer on one of my favorite albums, Pat Metheny’s Bright Size Life.

The godson of Ed Shaughnessy, young Bob Moses was fortunate to grow up in the same building with such greats as Max Roach, Art Blakey and Elvin Jones.  I was honored recently to talk with Rakalam Bob Moses, who shares stories of his past, news of his current and upcoming work, and his overall “drum wisdom.”

To hear Ra Kalam Bob Moses’ past and current work, visit Ra Kalam Records on the nativepulse.com site.

Watch Ra Kalam Bob Moses and John Medeski with the New England Conservatory Jazz Orchestra in their 2015 performance of the Rakalam Bob Moses composition, African Violet.

And here’s a trailer from the MyMusicMasterclass “Living Music 2.”