Episode 16 – Ulysses Owens, Jr: “Let’s Get Back to Basics”



Ulysses Owens Jr. has firmly established his place in drums, from his work as a jazz drummer, educator, and author of his upcoming Hal Leonard publication on brushes.  Lauded in publications like Jazz Times, All About Jazz, and The New York Times, Ulysses reputation is well deserved and firmly secured.

Keeping a busy schedule of touring, workshops, recording, producing and teaching, the Grammy award winning Owens, well known for his work with the Christian McBride Trio, remains gracious and humble, always looking to help his fellow artists and the community. Case in point – Owens is artistic director for Don’t Miss a Beat, Inc., a youth-empowerment non profit founded by his family in his hometown of Jacksonville, Florida.

For our second season opener, Ulysses talked with us about his path to drums, the importance of mastering the basics, his upcoming Hal Leonard publication on brushes and his other upcoming work on the business of music.

To find out more about Ulysses work, projects and performance schedule, check out his website, usojazzy.com.

Check out this quick example of Ulysses’ teaching in this Open Studio video on playing with brushes. And learn more about enrolling in Ulysses Open Studio master class, Finding Your Beat..

Here’s a great example of Ulysses in the Christian McBride Trio.

And here’s a link to the Ulysses Owens Jr. signature U stick from Regal Tip. Hopefully they’ll be available again soon!

And make sure to learn more about the Owens’ family Don’t Miss a Beat youth-empowerment program.