Episode 9 – Jeremy Bout: “Masters of Resonance”

masters pic

We depart a bit in our interview today to feature a filmmaker instead of a drummer. Jeremy Bout, a prolific filmmaker, speaker and overall inspiring individual, is the founder of Edge Factor, whose mission is to “inspire and equip communities through the power of storytelling.” The story Jeremy talks with us about today is his incredible film Masters of Resonance, which features the story of John Good of DW drums and the journey of a centuries old log from river to rock stage.

The film is actually way more nuanced than that, but it’s something you have to experience. Indeed, it’s not just about the building a a great DW kit for famed drummer Neil Peart, but also an inspiring story of following one’s passion, whether that be drumming, drum making, or any other thing you call your own.

I first learned about Masters of Resonance while doing the first interview for Contraption, which was with drummer Paul Wertico. I had actually interviewed Paul the day after he returned from LA as a panel member for a screening of Masters of Ressonance, in which he appears.  Jeremy was happy to share his story and the story of the film, which I highly encourage you to see.

To see more about the film, check out the official Masters of Resonance trailer and another Masters of Resonance teaser on YouTube.

Also, be sure to subscribe to the Masters of Resonance Facebook page.

For more information on Jeremy Bout, his films, and Edge Factor, check out EdgeFactor.com