Episode 2 – Bob Everett: “Ba Ba Baby Boomer”

“Big Bad” Bob Everett behind 36″ of Ludwig drum!


Bob Everett, owner and founder of Beat It Music, Ltd., Canada’s biggest vintage drum shop, has worked as a touring pro since he was twelve years old. He’s also owned a restaurant, worked as a contractor, done stand up comedy, and been a part of the famed Canadian group, Done on Bradstreet. He’s also the proud father of three-time Grammy Award winning drummer/producer, Sean Everett. 

Bob’s Calgary, Alberta Beat it Music, Ltd. is a cross between vintage drum shop and museum. I had the chance to catch up with Bob via Facetime from his home in Brad Creek, Alberta, which lies between the beautiful Banff National Park and Calgary.  Bob and I had a wonderful conversation about vintage drums, his career, his playing, the line of Agean cymbals he carries, and his advice to new and returning drummers, including his secret key to successful drum tuning!

The amazing 1920s kit from Lacombe, Alberta

Take a look at the Bob’s complete video on the Rogers R-360 kit, copyright 2011 Bob Everett, used here by permission.

Also check out the full Ba Ba Baby Boomer video, copyright 2013 Bob Everett and used here by permission.